Friday, November 18, 2011

Cupcake Love!

Once again I have been MIA for a while, life does get in the way. Having dial up at home isn't very blog friendly either.  Today while waiting at hubby's office, I figure I will update the old blog with my latest new found addiction!  Cupcakes!  Not very figure flattering I must admit and I certainly shouldn't be making them for my diabetic hubby.  I guess I really should experiment with something sugar free, but come on!  We're talking cupcakes here!!  

Does anyone not like cupcakes?  Cupcakes come in an endless amount of flavours and styles limited only by your imagination.  Cupcakes are all the rage right now.  Just watch an episode of Cupcake Wars on the Food Network to see what I mean.

Why stop at regular old vanilla or chocolate  when you could have something fantastic like the Rolo cupcake shown up above, made by Jamie at My Baking Addiction?  Or a Chocolate S'mores cupcake made by Glory at Glorious Treats?

Looking to make a gift?  How about cupcakes in a jar?  They are easy to make and easy to give.  If you are a Harry Potter fan, check out these Butter Beer cupcakes over at Squirrel Bakes?

Maybe you want something more fancy.  Have a peek at these little works of art by Cupcake Delights?  Personally I don't have the patience to do all that, but they are beautiful though.

I know, right?  Pretty darn fantastic!!

If you want to know how to decorate your cupcakes like a professional, there are lots of videos on the internet.  The place where I found out about the types of icing tips to use was at Glorious Treats.  I even found my favourite chocolate cupcake recipe there.  It is moist and flavourful and is my new base recipe for my Black Forest cupcakes and any other that has a chocolate cupcake base.

Hosting a baby shower?  A kid's birthday party?  Anniversary party?  Heck even for a wedding.  Why not make cupcakes?  Just want some for yourself?  Go ahead and make a batch.  Right now.  Today.  I'm sure you will be glad you did! 

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