Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Blank Canvas

An uncut piece of fabric is a wonderful thing to someone that likes to sew.  It's a blank canvas and the potential is endless.  What will it be this time?  A new tote bag?  Oven mitts?  An apron?  Not this time.  Sometimes I buy a piece of fabric because I like the colours or pattern used.  Sometimes I just want to experiment.  This time I had a plan. 

My blank canvas became two simple little sun dresses for two very special little girls that are daughters of a friend of mine.  They were patterned after the "pillowcase" dress that so many people in the crafting world are making nowadays.  

These dresses are so cute and easy to do.  You can make them out of a pillowcase or you can just use a piece of fabric like I did.  There are lots of tutorials on line, both for the dress version as well as for a nightgown version.  Just take your pick.  There are plenty to be found to choose from.  Pick your favourite or design your own.  If you do decide to make one, I'd love to hear about it.   

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